Meat products for the 21st century: Safe, Nutritious and Healthy

In order to adapt itself to the habits of the society of the 21st century, the evolucion of the meat industry gave birth on the one hand to new problems, some of which being important and needing to be stopped and on the other hand to the necessity to study the consequences that some of the changes which were introduced in the production of the new meat products may engender. In some occasions it is not possible to apply the classical technologies of cleansing of those products and in others, they are too aggressive, producing clear sensory changes, which goes against the current demand of the consumers...


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Use of emerging thecnologies to guarantee the safety of ready-to-eat (RTE) meat products


Incidence, prevalence and detection of pathongens through fast techniques in the meat indutstry and RTE meat products.


Implicaciones de la reducción de los niveles de nitratos y nitritos en la seguridad, vida útil y características sensoriales y tecnológicas de los productos cárnicos curados


Development of healthy, nutritious and functional meat based products.


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Máster en Ciencia y tecnologia de la carne

International Course in Meat Products Technologies

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