The present project wishes to fully commit itself with the Spanish meat industry to actively contribute to the improvement of the safety of the foodstuffs they currently elaborate and to intensely participate in the development of healthy meat products, and to achieve it, it faces the following objectives:

1 -

Conditions of use of emergent technologies to guarantee the foodstuffs safety of meat products ready to be eaten (RTE).

2 -

Study of the incidence, prevalence and detection of pathogens using fast techniques in the meat industry and more specially in RTE meat products

3 -

Implication of the reduction of the levels of nitrates and nitrites in the safety, preservation, sensory characteristics of the typically Spanish cured meat products. Necessary technological modifications and sensory implications of these.

4 -

Design of nutritious and healthy functional meat foodstuffs with a special reference to sausages and other cured products.

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