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Meat products for the 21st century:
Safe, Nutritious and Healthy

Apart from producing traditional foodstuff, the modern foodstuff industry orientates its activities according to the consumersís demand, the rigorous sanitary requirements imposed by the health authorities concerning food safety and the peopleís nutritious necessities both generally speaking (healthy foodstuff) and particularly speaking, for especially sensitive groups (people suffering from hypertension, diabetes, obesity, immune system illnesses, the elderly, etc.). The Spanish meat industry is fully aware of these challenges and, consequently, has progressed to satisfy the demands mentioned before creating new products, new formulations, products with new technological and functional ingredients or new forms of presentation of traditional products to make their consumption easier. That evolution of the meat industry to adapt itself to the habits of the society of the 21st century gave birth on the one hand to new problems, some of which being important and needing to be stopped and on the other hand to the necessity to study the consequences that some of the changes which were introduced in the production of the new meat products may engender. In some occasions it is not possible to apply the classical technologies of cleansing of those products and in others, they are too aggressive, producing clear sensory changes, which goes against the current demand of the consumers. However, there is a series of biological agents (such as bacteriocin, lactoperoxidase, lactoferrin, etc.), emergent technologies (high pressures, pulse of light propagation, electrical pulses, thermal ultrasound systems, etc.) and others already established but scarcely used (ionizing radiations) that could be used to achieve the cleansing of the new meat products, to minimize the sensory and nitritious changes and, at the same time, to achieve the fact that they have a lifespan suitable for the use expected from them.

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